Start Up

You are right now in the process of starting your own company but need someone that gives you a hand or you just founded your company and want to improve in a special business area. To support Start-Ups we have special offers and coachings!

Optimize your business

With our expertise and experience in economics and informatics, we solve your small and big problems, optimize your business and get you ready for the future!

Designing your custom app or website

We design a great looking app or website that works just like you want it to! We help you in every step of the process from the overall design of the website, to the logo and finally implementing the functionality


We have been working together with ITXP Global Consulting in various projects regarding Backend Solutions, Marketing, and Logo design. They are a very reliable and highly competent partner. ITXP is our first choice when outsourcing projects because we know that they always complete their projects fast and efficient!

Passionwins Business Consulting

The backend solution programmed by ITXP Global Consulting really changed my business. Through
their completely customized backend-solution, we can now manage efficiently every process of
our company and have an overview of all our billing processes! Their service is really great because
they provide software that works! Besides, they brought in new ideas themselves on
what else to implement so that the processes got more efficient. We can really recommend

ABC Travel Consulting Travel Agency

Working together with ITXP Global Consulting was perfect! They have a really great service because
we have been included into all the decision processes regarding the logo
and you “not only” receive a complete product or service that you then have to accept. If you have any questions or problems, they
answer very quickly and professionally. I am really happy with my decision to have worked together with
them and can recommend ITXP to everyone who is in need of a great service and product!

dieLerncoaches Private Coaching institute